How to add CodeMirror.commands.autocomplete in CodeMirror.MergeView

When i use CodeMirror.fromTextArea,import show-hint.js set
hintOptions: {
completeSingle: false,
it work.
BUT, i use CodeMirror.MergeView, hintOptions property is not supported,
How to add code completion to CodeMirror.MergeView,
Thank you for your help!!

The options passed in the second argument to MergeView should be passed through to the inner editors, so this should in fact work.

Thank you for your reply,
my example:


script code:
this.editor = CodeMirror.MergeView(this.$, {
      theme: "yonce",
      value: "11111",//上次内容
      origLeft: "22222",
      orig: null,//本次内容
      lineNumbers: true,//显示行号
      mode: "text/x-plsql",
      // mode:"text/html",
      highlightDifferences: true,
      styleActiveLine: true,
      matchBrackets: true,
      viewportMargin: 100,
      lineWrapping: true,
      // connect: 'align',
      connect: null,
      readOnly: false,//只读 不可修改
      showDifferences: true,
      revertButtons: true,//显示自动替换按钮
      hintOptions: {
        completeSingle: false,
    this.editor.on('inputRead', () => {

I set a alert message, in the show-hint.js, CodeMirror.defineExtension(“showHint”, function(options)
when use CodeMirror.fromTextArea , alert message can execute,
when use CodeMirror.MergeView , alert message can’t execute,
How do I modify the code? thank you.

I think the problem might be that you’re registering the 'inputRead' handler on the MergeView object, which doesn’t fire that event. Try this.editor.editor() instead.

big big thank you,it work。