How to build accessible hoverTooltips in CM6?

I used hoverTooltip to add tooltips to CM6 to show additional documentation for the hovered content/field. Functionally it works as expected, but, I’m wondering how I can make the hover text accessible to to screen-readers.

Looking around I found the recommendation is to wrap the field in a span or div and add aria-describedby to it. Is there any built in function to achieve this? if not, has anyone here done something similar?

Thanks a lot!

The approach I’ve been taking here is to make the information provided by the tooltips also available through some other means (see for example the lint panel). I think the concept of hovering over things is fundamentally at odds with screen-reader or keyboard-only usage, and adding an aria attribute to the tooltip doesn’t even begin to solve that.

Make sense. Looks like providing an alternate accessible approach is the best way here. Thanks!