how to change event click in code-mirror

Hello everyone
I want to change by default the mouse click mode to double click, but any code I write doesn’t work properly. It is possible that someone will help me. I just got acquainted with the code-mirror.

function Style() {var ua = navigator.userAgent;  if (ua && ua.toUpperCase().indexOf("OPERA MINI") > -1) {    return false;  }  var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("fldStyle"), {
mode: "text/css",
htmlMode: true,
lineWrapping: true,
autoCloseTags: true,
smartIndent: false,
extraKeys: {
  "Ctrl-Space": "autocomplete",
  "doubleclick" : function(cm) {
    cm.setOption("fullScreen", !cm.getOption("fullScreen"));
  "F11": function(cm) {
    cm.setOption("fullScreen", !cm.getOption("fullScreen"));
  "Esc": function(cm) {
    if (cm.getOption("fullScreen")) cm.setOption("fullScreen", false);
},  });  editor.on("change", function() {;  });}Style()