How to define highlightStyle for elements that have multiple tags?

In Markdown mode, I want to style elements that have both heading and meta tags differently than elements with just meta tags . In terms of css selectors, I want something like .heading.meta selector.

Would it be possible to do this using highlight style?. Initially ,I tried the following which turns out is a little different

export const style = HighlightStyle.define([
        tag: tags.meta,
        color: "#b7b5b7"
        tag:[tags.meta,tags.heading], // instead of  applying to both tags.meta and tags.heading,
        color:'#f00'                            // i want to express match tag.meta&tag.heading

No, that’s not possible. Highlight styles map single tags to single styles. Though if you create a highlight style with literal class names and style them with separate CSS or a theme, you should be able to do something like this.