How to fix solve plugin dispatch problem?

I have two plugin that use dispatch:

(1) (github copilot or GPT) autosuggestion plugin(GitHub - saminzadeh/codemirror-extension-inline-suggestion: A CodeMirror extension to display inline suggestions):
effects: InlineSuggestionEffect.of({ text: result, doc: doc }),

(2)(LSP) @codemirror/lint plugin, how I use it( codemirror-languageserver/src/index.ts at master · FurqanSoftware/codemirror-languageserver (
this.view.dispatch(setDiagnostics(this.view.state, diagnostics));

Conflict problem:
When lint is enabled, autosuggestion effects disappears(autosuggestiontext disappears).
It seem like the effect of InlineSuggestionEffect disappears.

This problem can also simply repeat by:

autosuggestion will disappears when update.view.dispatch(setDiagnostics(update.view.state, ));

So I guess there’s something wrong with my code: this.view.dispatch(setDiagnostics(this.view.state, diagnostics));

Nothing is wrong with your code. The codemirror-extension-inline-suggestion is written poorly and forgets its state whenever a transaction comes in (here).