How to get cursor blinking rate in another extension?

CodeMirror VIM extension in v5 respected the cursor blinking rate. This is not the case with the replit fork (Could the cursor use blinking rate from `drawSelection`? · Issue #140 · replit/codemirror-vim · GitHub). A simple way to get the current configuration would be via facet method passing selectionConfig, but that is not exported:

Could selectionConfig be exported, or is there a better way to retrieve the configuration in this case?

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Circling back on this, would a pull request to expose selectionConfig be welcome?

This is going to be messy. We don’t know the (native) blink rate when drawSelection isn’t active, and the vim extension probably can’t assume it is, so it’d need to somehow handle that case too. no?

codemirror-vim requires drawSelection to render selection in visual mode so it can assume that drawSelection is active I think.

Does this patch look like it would work for you?

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Yes, this looks exactly as what is needed, thank you!