How to make CodeMorror fill <td>*CM*</td> 100% width+height ??

What css class do i have to add width:100%;height:100%; so that it completely fills the td of a table ?

With my i have a simple 2 rows 2 columns table and the down-right CodeMirror td dimensions should be determind by my table width:100%;height:80%; and the down-left td width:10%;height:80%;

If there is no simple straight-forward way to achieve this, then CM is …


See that’s the point where my motivation to help you just craters.

In any case, you’ll get the same behavior with a plain <div> element. CSS behavior around tables is tricky, and this is not something CodeMirror can (or should) address.

I really wish for so many years allready that Linux would never haven been :frowning:

It is really the very basic of html tables:

<!doctype html><html><body>
    function Left(r)
    { (parseInt( < 4 ? 10 : 3) + "vw";
    function Top(r)
    { (parseInt( < 4 ? 10 : 3) + "vw";
<table border=1 style="width:90%;height:90vh;">
    <tr style="height:5%;">
        <td style="width:5%;"></td>
            <input type="button" style="height:3vw;" onClick="Top(this);" value="top"/>
    <tr style="height:95%;">
            <input type="button" style="width:3vw;" onClick="Left(this);" value="left"/>
            <div style="width:100%;height:100%;background-color: #ffffcc;font-size:10vh;border:inset 2px red;">
                container div

Depending on the width of the first colum, the second column width adjust.
And depending on the height of the first row, the second row changes.
And of course it is very easy to put a div in the bottom left td-element that fill the space.

So when that div is given CodeMirror as a container, it is absolute bad programming style when the code editor is made position:absolute and the height and width are not updated.

But as hypocrisy rules the toy world, of course i am the bad guy.