How to make my lint for my own language return more one massage in codemirror?

I am using codemirror and I define my own language and I see lint defined for javascripts and other languages … I define my own lint and it work fine
what I want to do : is to make line_error under this errors and when the user hover on error show to him what description of error using my own lint .
This is my own lint :

CodeMirror.registerHelper('lint', 'mymode',  function () {
        return [{
          message: 'Hey!',
          from: CodeMirror.Pos(0, 0),
          to: CodeMirror.Pos(1, 2),
          message: 'done',
          from: CodeMirror.Pos(2, 5),
          to: CodeMirror.Pos(2, 8),

But my problem when I define tow massage like code above then the lint only show to me the second massage … so how I can to define more of massage with there position and show to me all massage … what wrong I do ?

solved , thanks for all