How to make specific character show in codemirror editor if I enable autocomplete on it?

I using codemirror … I see sample on autocomplete by pressing “ctrl-space” and it work fine … But I want to doing autocomplete when I press “.” … I try it work fine … when I press “.” then codemirror show me list to autocomplete form it But the character “.” didn’t write on codemirror editor so I want when I type “.” to show list (it work) and type the character “.” on editor (work only if I choice element contain “.” from list I want to type “.” even I not choice element contain “.” from list )this is sample I found it and edit on it try

so any help ?

You’re binding the period key to autocomplete, which means that you’re preventing its default behavior (actually inserting a period) from happening. Make the function you bind the key to return CodeMirror.Pass, and the default behavior should go through.

ok , it work thank you verey much @marijn