how to remove dashed lines

I have a little problem. My web CodeMirror editor shows dashed lines around all code lines and I cannot remove them.
Probably there is an inherited css tha my cms (NibbleBlog).
Is there any solution?

Looks like a CSS conflict. Do you have any style defining dashed borders in your page? Chrome/Firefox dev tools can show you exactly where the style comes from if you click the element that ends up with the border.


I’ve tried to do both in Chrome and also In Firefox, but I did not find anythig.

This is the published page:

I’m not sure if is a CSS border-style definition or any background (Simpler theme has some embedded images). I didn’t find nothing wrong in the NibbleBlog code, but I’m not an expert using this Blog CMS.

Any idea will be welcome.


In page.css, the selector pre

is matched by the codemirror line.

It defines the folowing property:

border: 1px dashed #ccc

I think that’s your problem.


Hi Mickaël

Awasome!!! Now it’s working fine (after remove the suggested line in page.css)