How to show peers' cursors on CM6 collab editor?


I’ve been doing collaborative editing based on CM6(thanks for this excellent work btw).

Now my co-editor works, but I have a problem at this moment. The editor can’t show the peer’s cursor while they were inputting. Words can be seen during the inputting, but no cursor.

Trying to read the docs but didn’t figure it out yet.

This isn’t a feature that any of the core modules provides—you’ll have to implement it yourself, by sharing the cursor positions over the network and displaying some widget or tooltip at those locations.

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Hey, could you please share your github repo? I am doing the same thing with codemirror and react but my problem is that multiple users can’t work on the same project at the same time. I wonder how you did it. Thanks you!

Hey, sorry but I didn’t post anything on my github. I used vue and codemirror6 to finish my project, Perhaps we can discuss your code to see what’s going wrong?

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Really sorry for responding this late. Actually I was expecting to have an email notification if I get any reply but I didn’t. Today I just stumbled upon here and found your kind reply.

Yes, we can definitely discuss together. You can email me here -

By the way, I’m still working on the project and it is live at - (please disregard the landing page! I’m yet to work on that and I have really been busy with the core functionality of the app)

Also, I have been able to show peers cursors on a different app of mine. Not sure if that works exactly the way you would want it to. Anyway, we can talk about it more!