How to understand cli output

In the following stdout,

what does → mean
and the · afterwards.

I need to understand where to put the marker in my grammar, not just trying until it works.

thank you.

shift/reduce conflict between
(sp | br)+ → · br
expression → LogicalExpression
With input:
LogicalExpression · br …
Shared origin: (br | sp | expression)+ → · expression
via expression → · LogicalExpressionBlock
via LogicalExpressionBlock → LogicalExpression · (sp | br)+ “{” “}”
(sp | br)+ → · br

A → B indicates a rule for term A containing expression B. The middle dot indicates a position inside that rule, so if it is at the end that position indicates a state where the parser has matched the expression but not yet reduced the term.

At a glance, the error looks like you have explicit whitespace matching in your grammar and, maybe, it can match in multiple ways (at the end of a logical expression block or at the start of something coming after that)?

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@marijn Thank you, that clears things up. and yes, I use explicit whitespace and it’s not working very well, I think I’ll skip it and think of a different syntax.

Is there a tool to generate syntax diagram for my grammar ?

No. What kind of syntax diagram are you thinking of?

The traditional diagram, similar to this

No, nothing like that exists. (But also, that’s close enough to the format of the production rules to not really clarify a lot that isn’t already clear when reading the rules.)