<html> tags disappearing

HI I am trying to have a simple HTML inserted into TinyMce 5

I have inserted

This is a paragraph.

This is another paragraph.

into codemirror box but this tags get disappeared automatically ![chrome_55vhqWSMGr|690x387](upload://ikQ9yR9Uj3tUrIwqLWKe0QjuJ0M.png) ![chrome_oBhItmdUK8|690x387](upload://yVNMFWfgxaQHHFMqcWhQpoW4sGz.png) ![chrome_vgXwvWbphe|690x387](upload://r2Mz6LjzlmgZV2LZth7GZNwawJx.png)

This problem is probably not related to CodeMirror—it just treats its content as text and won’t remove HTML tags.