I want to add new custom keywords to the intellisense

I’m using @codemirror/lang-sql@6.4.0, @uiw/react-codemirror@4.19.11. the code for the react component looks like this, so when i type sql keywords(also other things) are suggested, keywords like select, where, like etc. I want to add new custom keywords similar to select, where, how can i do that?

import CodeMirror from '@uiw/react-codemirror';
import { sql } from '@codemirror/lang-sql';
import './style.css';

const CodeInput = ({ formState, fieldData, onChange, value, disabled }) => {
  const name =
    fieldData != undefined && fieldData.id !== undefined && fieldData.id;
  return (
      style={{ minWidth: '100%' }}
        formState !== undefined &&
        formState.value !== undefined &&
        formState.value !== null
          ? formState.value
          : value !== undefined && value !== null
          ? value
          : ''
      onChange={(e) => onChange(name, e)}
          schema: {
            customers: ['abc', 'efg'],
            table1: ['hij', 'klm'],
            table2: [],
            table4: [],
        mode: 'sql',
        theme: 'material',
        lineNumbers: true,
        lineWrapping: true,
        autoCloseBrackets: true,
        matchBrackets: true,
        extraKeys: {
          'Ctrl-Space': 'autocomplete',
        hintOptions: {
          hintAlign: 'left',

export default CodeInput;

Assuming you also want your keyword highlighted, this sounds like you want to define your own SQLDialect. Since @codemirror/lang-sql 6.5.0, this should be relatively easy by creating a configuration based on the spec property of the dialect you want to adjust.

I’m unable to find any documentation which shows an example to work with SQLDialect, can you provide some documentation link in which SQLDialect as well as its properties are modified?

This is easily answered by looking at the @codemirror/lang-sql repository.

The definition of the SQLDialectSpec class is available here:

Once you’ve defined a SQLDialectSpec object, you can then call SQLDialect.define on this object to define your own dialect. As an example, the implementation for MySQL is available here: