Ignore autocomplete when typing within quotes

I’m using snippets autocomplete and when the user needs to type into a parameter that’s within quotes, right now the autocomplete popover is displaying. I’d like it to not display when the user is typing within quotes (single or double). I’m not super great at regular expressions, so I was hoping someone might know how to tweak this to not present the autocomplete popover when typing within quotes.

This is an example of one of my snippets:

["createNewFormNamed('${Form Name}');" : ["label" : "createNewFormNamed", "type" : "function"]],

function customCompletions(context) {
    let word = context.matchBefore(/\w*/)
    if (word.from == word.to && !context.explicit)
        return null
        return {
            from: word.from,
        options: completions