In markdown mode, there seems to be something wrong with highlighting comments in code blocks

Hello! Thank you very much for providing such an excellent editor!

In markdown mode. I highlighted the code block, but I found that when I write comments and the comments are in Chinese, there is an infinite recursion bug (the console did not report an error). First of all, look at the situation of the problem, the following is the GIF picture I recorded, and then I will post the code below

I try to find out the cause of the problem. Finally, I found the problem of highlighting comments. When I delete the highlighted comments, there is no such problem. But when I add the highlighted comments again, this problem will appear again

Here is my simple code

// theme.js
import { HighlightStyle, tags } from '@codemirror/highlight';
export default () => {
  return HighlightStyle.define([
    ...(other hightlight tag colors),
    // There is a problem with this.
    // When I delete it below, the editor works normally.
      tag: tags.comment,
      color: '#6a9955'

// initCodeMirror.js
import theme from './theme'; // ↑↑↑ look top theme.js
  extensions: [
    theme(), //  ↑↑↑ look top theme.js
      base: markdownLanguage,
      codeLanguages: languages

Does the problem occur when you just set up a minimal editor with Markdown + code languages and put in a specific piece of text? I tried to reproduce this from the screencast, but didn’t get anything.

During the test, use / * * / in the '` JavaScript and wrap the line. After the line wrap, enter the * sign, and then enter the Chinese character. There is no problem with English

When I delete the highlight below, I don’t have this problem. When I add this highlight, I only have problems in Chinese

      tag: tags.comment,
      color: '#6a9955'

Still not happening. I’ve been pasting 中文 for Chinese characters, in a block comment in a a JSX code block in Markdown mode, but no crash.

I’ll try to provide a code for you to test later. Thank you for your reply