Inappropriate css on codemirror when using it on IE9.

I have included codemirror.html in a zk-window with include tag of zk. (Note: Using zk-codemirror isn’t a solution for me, as it is too slow).

When i am using this on IE9, codemirror gutters vscrolls hscrolls occupy drastically huge height and width that even the data is not visible on my popup window, but can be seen in source of this popup. but the same code works fine on IE10 and IE11.

codemirror.html (1.7 KB)

Below attached is zul page

<?page title="Log Popup"?>
<window sizable="true" maximizable="true" closable="true" title="Log File Contents" height="500px"  width="800px" border="normal" apply="com.log.view.GatewayLogViewPopupComposer">
	<include height="500px"  width="800px" id="includeComp" src="/ServiceGateway/Administration/Logs/codemirror.html"/>

It has been fixed.
Cause was cm library/css loading time,in between of library/css loading by codemirror.html my zul composer was setting the data to editor.
Fix: I have loaded all the css and libs in my zul page itself.