Inconsistency in syntax highlighting for different tags

In the above image, I have created grammar with Token Specialization of some of the predefined function and fields which will be used in my editor and have made it be displayed with different styles using the style tag like below,
‘FunctionOperator!’: [t.strong, t.operatorKeyword],
‘FieldOperator!’: [t.strong, t.emphasis],
‘OperatorTerm!’: [t.strong, t.operatorKeyword],
‘FieldName!’: [t.strong, t.operatorKeyword],
‘ExcludedTerm/…’: t.strikethrough,
As you can see in the image countIf keyword is not highlighted consistently the node name is found to be coming wrong.


and also even after giving the style tag for my fieldOperator as t.emphasis the field are not getting highlighted.

If I change the tag to t.operatorKeyword that is changing the color, why is it like that? Is there anything I am missing from my side.

I have no idea. Check if your syntax tree actually looks like you expect it to look (syntaxTree(state).toString()).