intermediate value between false and nocursor

The readOnly parameter can take two settings: true and nocursor (not to mention false, the default). I am trying to make CodeMirror behave just like an ordinary div. What I like about nocursor is that the user can’t get a flashing I-bar cursor that suggests falsely that they can edit. What I like about true is that cutting-and-pasting from the editor still works. Is there a way to combine these two features?

For now, no. In the next major release, I’m going to drop "nocursor" (it’s not good useability, as you found), and hopefully find time to implement something like what you describe.

For now, you could render the code outside of an editor with the runmode addon, if you don’t need editor-specific features.

Cool, I hope you find time. I will probably just use true for now since I do need dynamic markers, which, if I understand correctly, won’t work with runmode.