Is it possible to show lint tooltip on click?

First of all, thanks for this great project.

I received some feedback on which relies heavily on CodeMirror and the lint addon.

The feedback was:

a) on an iPad I couldn’t access the text that shows on mouse-hover (a fallback could be supporting tap on the icon to show/hide) or show/hide depending on where the cursor is in the text.

b) the icons aren’t high-resolution, not functionally important but was distracting from how awesome and polished this already is

I have looked into this myself already, and it seems that the showTooltip functions from lint are not exposed, so I can’t call them myself in a onGutterClick handler. Maybe there’s a way?

I don’t think there’s currently a way to activate the tooltip programmatically, but I’d be happy to accept a pull request that adds one.

I agree that the current UI isn’t all that well thought out or accessible. I’m planning to rethink it in the new implementation for version 6.