Is there a way to override GutterMarker?

I noticed that foldGutter() extension implicitly created FoldMarker. Is there a way to customize it?

I can see that in the foldGutter() config allows to edit the fold button text, but I would like to edit the DOM element of the gutter element.

Can I do it somehow?

Is markerDOM what you are looking for?

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And is there a way to override the fold placehoder?


It feels a bit like you’re using this forum as a replacement for reading the docs. If you look at codeFolding, which is a rather obvious place to look for something like this, you should immediately find the option you need.

It didn’t occur to me that these two behaviours would be handled by two extensions. Sorry, that’s a mistake on my side. I assumed foldGutter() was all there was and didn’t look further to find codeFolding(). Thank you.