Is there an auto closing quotes configuration?

Hi there,

Is there any way to make quotes work like auto closing brackets? I’d like to press the double quote " and get another one with the cursor between the quotes. But if I delete the quote to the left, I also delete the other quote.

So: "<cursor> becomes “<cursor>”. And if I delete the left quote, it becomes <cursor>.

Thank you and great library!

Yes. That’s how this works by default.

Maybe I didn’t explain myself well or I have some issue with my browsers. When I press a single quote or a double quote, a second one doesn’t appear. But if I had a single parentheses, the second one appears.

I’ve pasted a screenshot of what I did and it stays like that.


Looks like you have a keyboard where quotes are a dead key (from the composition underline under it). In this case, the editor can’t interfere while the composition is active, since it’ll break it off (or even cause the browser to glitch out).

Wow, that was it! I had US international, but had to be US.

Thank you so much for the help and have a nice weekend!