is there any way to select the value inside of two match brackets?

I used match brackets addon to show the brackets matching. I am doing a feature in my JSON editor app
that selects the value of the key in the editor for this any option is available in codeMirror ? or can I get the position values of the match brackets by entering the key name? can I get any help from you?

If you’re looking to find out the size of some syntactic construct (like the value of a JSON property), the syntax tree is probably the best source for that.

thanks for your reply,I’ll check syntax tree

what I needed was to take the key as an input value and to select the value of the particular key
for that I’ve done like this

 this.selectKey = function () {
    let searchKey = this.searchKey.value;
    let searchValue;
    if (this.indented) {
      searchValue = `"${searchKey}": `;
    } else {
      searchValue = `"${searchKey}":`;
    let start;
    let cursor = this.codeEditorElement.getSearchCursor(searchValue, null, { caseFold: false });
    if (cursor.findNext()) {
      start =;
      var matchingBracket = this.codeEditorElement.findMatchingBracket(start);
      if (matchingBracket) {
        console.log("Matching bracket found:");
        console.log("From:", matchingBracket.from);
      } else {
        console.log("No matching bracket found at the cursor position.");

it worked for me, Is it the correct way or any methods for this is already in editor?

Ah, no version 5 has no syntax tree. I guess the findMatchingBracket solution works, if you don’t need to select non-bracketed values like numbers or strings.

Thanks for you reply, yes the findMatchingBracket solution works for bracketed values, for non-bracketed values I should think of another logic.