"Jump to Word" / EasyMotion functionality addon

I would like to have the ability to jump to a word on the editor screen.
Vim has this in the easymotion plugin and intelij has it with the AceJump plugin

You push a hotkey, hints show up (as seen below), you type one of the letters and jump to that position.

This is what it looks like:

Does codemirror have this functionality?
Are there current addons that can be easily adapted to provide this functionality?

I don’t think anyone published an extension like that yet, no.

I’m going to attempt to implement this.
Does anyone who is familiar with the api have any pointers on the best approach?

Im guessing ill build something off the searchcursor.js and jump-to-line.js addons. Then I can use cm.addWidget for the display

anywordhinter also does a subset of the functionality.