lang-sql new dialect

Hi team, we are looking to create a new SnowSQL dialect for lang-sql which has some Snowflake specific features.

We’re new to this space, and we’d like to understand how to go about developing and testing changes to the lang-sql grammar, while being able to see the changes to the grammar on the editor.

We see this repo and want to contribute the additional dialect mentioned above, could you please point us to the documentation on how to go about this, specifically w.r.t adding the dialect, testing the code changes.

I have also need to create new custom dialect for Spark SQL. If you find any solution plz share. I reviewed your source code (codemirror 5). I like your behavior about autocompletion.

I want to add smart autocompletion with Spark SQL

Hey vugard, we’re working on our dialect, here is the repo for it if that helps.

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Thanks for your attention. But I didn’t find on NpmJs. And I don’t know how can I install and use it. Could you give me any hint?

I mean. How can I use it In my project with codemirror 6?

It’s not on npm as of now actually, you could directly use the git repo as a dependency in your project, as an alternative.

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