Language support for CFML

Hi. How easy is it to take a language syntax file used by other text editors (e.g. Sublime, MS VC, etc) and make it work with CodeMirror please? I’m hoping at least one other editor shares a very similar way of describing language syntax?

The language I have in mind is CFML which is used by Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee (open source). Adobe are still actively developing their product so it’s current despite originally launching 23 years ago. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if it helps in this case, but codemirror-textmate sounds similar to what you’re describing.

Thanks Marijn. I found a cfml language bundle for Textmate on GitHub. But I don’t understand how codemirror-textmate can convert it. (npm goes over my head) Perhaps if anyone else looking for cfml support for CodeMirror will come across this thread, put the 2 together and come up with a working language file. Ultimately I was hoping for cfml support in Wappler which uses CodeMirror.