Latest release (nor GitHub) include codemirror.js file in /lib

According CodeMirror 5 User Manual we can use lib files codemirror.js and codemirror.css
However, neither in the Github repo, nor in the latest release zip, I can find a .js file in the lib folder.

Please see codemirror5/lib at master · codemirror/codemirror5 · GitHub > only a css file:

And the same when downloading the latest release.
Yet, I am 100% sure the js file was there, I can even see it in previously downloaded zips.
Something wrong with the build process on GitHub perhaps?

> wget
> unzip
> ls codemirror-5.65.10/lib/

> npm install codemirror@5
> ls node_modules/codemirror/lib/

Yeah, does so with the terminal, thanks.
Does not with Git Zip, and as my screenshot shows, there’s no js file in that folder on git.


That is intentional. It’s a build artifact, and not checked into version control.