lezer-generator-1.0.0 generate js parser is invalid

Hi,I am using codemirror6.0,Lezer version is 1.0.0,Lezer-generator version is 1.0.0

Generate a grammar file using lezer-generator,content like this:

// This file was generated by lezer-generator. You probably shouldn't edit it.
import {LRParser} from "@lezer/lr"
export const parser = LRParser.deserialize({
  version: 14,

Above JS file used the static method deserialize of LRParser class to create a Parser object instance,but i can’t find the static method in LRParser class,so the generate js file can’t to use.

Please help me how to use Lezer-generator-1.0.0 to generate the grammar file’s parser,thanks.

sorry,i make a mistake,i install lezer-generator into devdependents section.add it into dependents everythings is ok.