Line numbers alignment when changing editor top padding

It’s mentioned in the styling example page that setting padding on the editor content is supported. Is it expected that doing so should also cause the line numbers gutter to align to the editor content? At the moment, this only partially works. I’m specifically interested in dynamically changing the padding at the top of the editor. I can further describe my use case if it’s helpful.

Here’s an example: Top padding - CodeSandbox

Setting the top padding when initializing the editor works fine: there’s a 50 pixel top padding in both the editor content and the line number gutter. However, if you change this padding via the input box and button above the editor, this updates the top padding via contentAttributes and the content padding changes but the line number gutter padding does not. However, if you now type a character in the editor, the line number gutter then sorts itself out.

That was a bug. This patch should help.

That’s great. Thank you.