Lint Gutter: Allow click-based (instead of hover-based) interactions on desktop

Hi! I am looking into using the lint actions for the first time. It is great to see this built in.

However I noticed a few small UX challenges.

Currently on mobile the lint gutter seem to open on touch, which is great.
However on desktop it only opens on hover, which it makes it rather inconvenient to use the actions — it’s way too easy to move the mouse away and have tooltip disappear by mistake, instead of clicking the action.

I think it would be good to have either one of the following:

  1. Have an option in the lintGutter() to open on click instead of hover (in which case it will only disappear on click as well, rather than a mouse move).
  2. Still show it on hover, but if the user clicked on the gutter marker, switch into the “click” mode and only disappear on click as well.

Additionally, it would be great to have some indication/different marker for when the fix actions are available, so user can know if it’s worth clicking/hovering the gutter. As an example, I used a lightbulb before in my version of “lint fix” for CM5: CodeMirror: Lint fix demo. Not to say that was a great choice or particularly visible, but hopefully explains the idea.

Would you be willing to implement this? Adding an additional class to the icon when actions are available seems unproblematic. I’d also be open to a pull request that implements the 2nd approach to clickable tooltips, if it can be kept simple (which I think it can, by keeping additional state in lintGutterTooltip that indicates whether the tooltip was opened by click).

Thanks — yep I can take a look. Can’t promise any specific timeline since I need it for an OSS project rather than anything with a deadline, but hoping to look soon-ish.