looking for simple IDE (project tree left, tabs with open files) ?

Would like to have a simple ide for my c online compiler https://pionierland.de/hoverhack

CodeMirror would be nice for the code editor.

  • So just a project tree of all .c and .h files from a root folder to the left
  • and on top of CodeMirror some buttons(tabs) to switch the files.

It would be foolish to code it myself as there should already be such a simple ide.

Please link me to such a CodeMirror fork :slight_smile:

It’s PHP based but could try icecoder.net which uses CodeMirror for the editing?

Yes i was able to install it quickly on my vserver.
Of course i want php to load/save the files.
Now i still need to set the root folder and a “.h,.c” white list.

More simplistic would be more to my liking but perhaps i can put all my stuff like selecting different github repos right into the ICEcoder.

Thanks so far for the quick answers.
More ideas are welcome .

Greetings from a snowy Germany :slight_smile:

Update: i have found the root in Settings.Gerneral and a black list in Settings.Security. No White List ?

Update 2: No, ICEcoder is a webdesign editor not meant to be used for something else. I would have to disable so many things like adding new files (security risk), etc. etc. that it would be faster to code my own ide based on codemirror :-/

Thanks for the feedback, can look into extras like adding a whitelist.

Didn’t realize you didn’t want all the extra functionality. :slight_smile: In that case, may be quicker for you to create something especially if you only require static tabs.

Thank you mattpass for answering here. Yes i think i wll put some button-tabs on the top and a simple tree to the left like: https://labs.abeautifulsite.net/archived/phpFileTree/demo/demo_classic.php

I have the feeling that ICEcoder has only been developed for this one purpose. The help menu is already full of topics that no-one needs for a new use case. And i don’t easily how i could disable specific settings.
And somewhere you admit yourself that ICEcoder is only meant for friends and no security for anonymous users. So i fear that there are an endless number of security issues because that IDE was never developed with security in mind. And by now it is too complex to add a simple-level.

My problem is that i simply do not want to develop just another IDE. There are already hundreds of CoderMirror forks. Did really no-one ever made his fork into somehting useful for others to build on ?

Okay here my first 3 hours: http://www.robosoft.de/MinIDE/test.htm
And here the repo: https://github.com/RoboDurden/MinIDE

SetOption("mode","text/x-php"); does not work :-/

Ideas welcome :slight_smile:

2 more hours: now with tabs :slight_smile:

2 more hours: files can be saved. So v 0.1 allready functional

3 more hours: i have added a minimal config.php and implemented a white list for saving files:


Ideas welcome