lua code folding

I am trying to figure out a way to get LUA code folding to work. These are examples:

if a >= 1 then
Do something

While var == true
doLoop something

Or (most important for me)

function testfunc()
do something
do something
do something
do something
do something

Currently, only:
text notes for explaining stuff

folds… can this be implemented?

@marijn how to handle this? Please help.

I don’t know. You’ll have to write a folding function (see addon/fold/*-fold.js) that recognizes lua blocks somehow.

That is definitely not the response I expected from you.

What’d you expect? For me to spend an afternoon implementing a solution for you, though I myself have zero use for lua folding?

It was the “I don’t know” part I was referring to. I am a developer myself, and I don’t expect anything for nothing. I was looking at code folding and didn’t want to break other folding, but need lua as well.

If a 100 USD is worth your afternoon, let me know.

Are you not interested? I figured something like this would be trivial for you, and it adds to the project anyhow.

I am serious about the 100 USD if you want to contact me.

Nope, not interested—I don’t want to further grow the scope of my distribution, and I have too much other stuff on my plate.