make only certain lines editable from certain column (ch) and the rest readOnly

let’s say i have
range[4,5,6] of lines that i want to make editable and the rest to be readonly but with this condition
i want the lines to be editable from a ceratin column let’s say from column 8 (line = 4,ch = 8)
how can i achive that ,
bear in mind i have tried several ways

  • i did make the editor readonly and markText these ranges
  • i did the other way as well
  • i tried to make the beforeChange
    every other permutation of such methods as well

i am trying to achive something like this image :-

i achived that with adding a widget , to be another codemirror with my target conditions
at the wanted position after computing the offset from above and from left
and adding maximom lines on the on before change
other ways did not work very well unfortunatelly