Maybe bug with Decoration and IME Input

I’ve seeing a unexpected behavior when use linter and Decoration.replace.

When :

  1. Some widget in doc
  2. Some linter error in doc
  3. Between IME pending

Then when IME input end, the widget in doc disappear .

Here is the screen recording (I repeatly press d 5 times (with chinese Pinyin IME). upload gif always failed, so I use a online img hosting website):

And this is the mini size demo.

Which platform/browser/virtual keyboard is this?



And Input method is system built-in Chinese-Pinyin-Simplified:

I’ve tried chrome’s plugin google-input-tools, but everything looks fine.
Kapture 2023-06-28 at 11.02.42

I noticed that the google-input-tools doesn’t put characters that haven’t been completed into the codemirror editor.


Maybe this is the reason?

I assume that this is the case.
Wanna follow the thread.

(Just wanted to comment to say I’ve reproduced this last week already, but the fix is requiring some significant re-architecting around how compositions are handled, and it might take a while yet before I have it ready.)

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This patch seems to resolve this (and a bunch of other dodgy stuff that was happening around compositions).

It’s a rather big change to a very delicate part of the system, I’m going to hold off on releasing it for few days to increase the chances of a regression being reported before this goes out.

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Sorry for the late reply.

I tested ver.6.15.3 you released, that works fine.

That’s cool. Thank you!