Meetup in Berlin on May 30?


[later edit: This hasn’t generated enough response to justify organizing it, so I’m dropping the idea. No meetup will take place.]

This June 1 and 2 is happening in Berlin, which means there’ll be a lot of JavaScripters in town. If there’s interest, I’d like to organize a CodeMirror meetup on the evening of the 30th of May (a Thursday). I’ll present the architecture of version 6, and we could discuss that and any other CodeMirror-related things that come up.

Whether this’ll happen at all, and whether it’ll fit in my office (up to about 12 people) or we’ll have to look for a bigger space depends on the amount of people who’d want to show up. As such, I’d very much appreciate if you’d reply here or send me an email if you think you’re likely to be there.

[edit: initially proposed May 31st, but then realized some interested people may want to be at CSSConf that day]