mobile bugs

Working with codemirror in mobile webview I have found a few interesting problems.

First, if I select text, say if we have ‘function’ and I select func then type ‘a’. So the end result is ation. The cursor is after the a. Press the backspace/delete and nothing happens. Press again it will delete.

Now, set the viewport to 300+ (to deal with android scroll draw issue) and the first backpress locks the editor up, unresponsive.

Bug 2:
Add a button to allow ‘autocomplete’ since ctrl-space doesn’t work on mobile.

Example, I have ‘function x () { a’ and I press the autocomplete button. It shows the ‘a’ word autocompletes. I press alert. It replaces a with alert. Now the bug. If I try to backspace past alert (delete it, and say the function) it stops where the original ‘a’ was no matter how many times i press the backspace key. I must cursor down and back up to delete the line.