Multibyte char displayed differently on linux vs windows

We’re using version 5.65.9 on Chrome 105. When we display a weird multibyte char in CM on windows it shows up as a single quotes. When we display the same string on linux, CM displays the weird char as a red dot. We like the behavior on linux. Why do the platforms behave differently? Is there a way to get windows to behave the same as linux?

Here is the string:

where monitorId = ‘ocid1.apmsyntheticmonitor.oc1.phx.aaaaaaaa3gjkkgjwlpyo635ntnu4fqiwbzpvjlv22h3ivoa3wvoecw3g4w4a’

The characters are hexcode e28098, unicode u+2018, the other is hex e28099, unicode u+2019



The replacement of characters with red dots is done by highlightSpecialChars. That behaves the same across platforms and does not, by default, replace ‘’ though, so I suspect your test somehow went wrong.

CM definitely behaves different on the two platforms for us.

How do you call that function? I get error that function does not exist for codemirror. Do I need to include an extension?

Can it be called with no parameters to highlight all unusuall chars or do we need to explicitly specify chars through RegEx?

I don’t think that method is available for version 5. But in version 5 doc I see specialChars with a default of


which does not include u2018 or u2019 so we could add them to the default RegEx.