Need consultant for advanced Codemirror coding

I’ve been using Codemirror for about 7 years
in a large JS IDE with special support for
programming the Dexter Robot,
called Dexter Development Environment (or DDE)
It is an open source project.
You can use it by browsing, in Chrome:

Codemirror supports quite a number of advanced features
that I’d like to incorporate into this project.
I’m guessing the fastest, most reliable way to
do this is to pay someone who knows codemirror better than I to
incorporate these features.
I will pay you to help me.

Perhaps 2 hours a week for a month or more
on zoom calls? Or faster if you’ve got the time.
I’m flexible, including what additional features you may recommend that will help my users.

Here’s the features I’d like to include:

  • autocompletion
  • improving my crude, 1 file search, to a better
    UI and extending it to all the files in a directory.
  • possible left-hand column of files in a dir to
    click on to edit.
  • view of 2 files at the same time (instead of just one)
    or even 2 different places within one large file
  • cleaning up my use of es_lint for syntax checking
    (or switching to a better mechanism if you’ve got it.)
  • having a lint checker for Python.
    ( I am using Pyodine for a Python interpreter,
    though JavaScript remains the primary lang
    I and users will be writing in.)

I am currently using Codemirror 5.63.1
but am guessing I should convert to
version 6, so help with that might be the first task
we tackle.

I live in Boston (USA East Coast time zone).
c f r y at g m a i l

If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here