newbie on Auto Completion

Hi everyone,

I am new to javascript, and recently I am working on a project which needs auto-completion. Please see the picture uploaded. Is it possible to make it happen in codemirror?. I have no clue on how to start. Please give me some advices.
I saw there is a file show-hint.js which is related to auto-completion. How can I use it? I don’t even understand the syntax in this file.
Thanks very much

Hi. Yes, creating custom completion features is possible with CodeMirror, but it is going to require a good grasp of JavaScript. (You could try going through )

Are there any other materials besides and code. So if I would like to program on CodeMirror, I can only read the corresponding part of the manual and code? Thanks

There’s some more stuff at , but nothing about the autocompletion system.

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