Noticable lag when dealing with large files

While loading large files, I could see a visible lag in the editor for displaying the content.
File used: test-data/large-file.json at master · json-iterator/test-data · GitHub

Is there any optimizations planned on this, or is there any workaround for this

What does ‘loading’ mean here? What exactly are you doing and how are you measuring the lag?

I mean setting the content of editor in doc

const view = new EditorView({ extensions: extensions, doc: largeData, parent: element });

It takes 3-4 seconds to display the content

Testing with that file, I’m seeing 47 milliseconds taken for creating the editor state (where the file is split into lines and built into a document tree) and 9 milliseconds for creating an editor view with that state.

In my case, this takes a bit longer in initial render.
I use @codemirror/lang-json for syntax highighting and a theme

Also i have a usecase where i need to replace this huge content with another huge content. I currently use
view.dispatch({ changes: { from: 0, to: view.state.doc.length, insert: data } });

This again takes few seconds to reflect. Is there any other optimized ways to achive this?

Unless you can provide a minimal, self-contained test case, this doesn’t really tell me anything useful about CodeMirror.

It takes 200ms on my machine. Again, not sure what else your benchmark is doing.

Okay will try to share that.

Meanwhile i just added a console log before and after creating the view

A difference of 3 seconds @marijn