Nuget Package

I was just wondering if there was any chance up getting an official nuget package or updating the one that is there already?

I’d be happy if someone does this, but I personally am only committing to distributing through NPM and the project website.

Isn’t this something that could be added to the CI/CD process (I’m assuming there is one)? I had no idea I was three major versions behind until I started researching a problem with the latest Typescript definition file. Nuget said I was up to date (with version 2.37!). There are several Nuget packages being published by various folks and all of them are out of date. Adding yet another unofficial one doesn’t seem like a good idea. Having a properly updated/official Nuget package would make life much easier.

My answer remains the same. Set up a cron job that polls NPM every day, and autopublishes to your package manager of choice, if you want to automate this. I’m not going to take responsibility for it.