Partial code to be filled in


We are using CodeMirror for the INGInious automated code grader. I am currently looking at a solution to provide context code to the students and let them fill in the holes.
For example, a function signature could be provided. This example works quite well thanks to text marks made read-only (see

I am however stumbling on how to make text read-only except for a single line expression to be filled in. For example if they have to fill the condition of an if statement.

Is there a way to prevent insertion of line breaks in a non-readOnly section ?

I will also need a way to extract the answer code between the provided code. I guess I could iterate over the marks and collect the n-1 (mark[n].end, mark[n+1].start) intervals.

Do you know of any similar uses of CodeMirror ?

The "beforeChange" event can be made to do this.

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Thanks, this is working perfectly well.