Pascal is not Case Sensitive

Code Mirror is included in Typora, a Markdown editor and I’m using it with Object-Pascal. Code-Mirror will not properly highlight Pascal keywords unless they are in lower case. For instance begin is properly highlighted but Begin is not.

If you guys are too busy to fix this, could you please point me in the right direction?

Much appreciated!

Isn’t Typora closed source? I’d complain to them, then to whatever Pascal library they’re using. Just because they use CodeMirror doesn’t mean Pascal is maintained by CodeMirror (it almost certainly isn’t.)

Hi Alex,
Thank you for your reply. Yes, Typora is closed source. In their documentation, they indicated that code styling relies on CodeMirror. In my ignnorance, I assumed that CodeMirror specified the styling for the languages. I’m going to have to dig dipper.