PHP mode initialization not working?

I am trying to allow php in the editor but it’s not working, I based it off of the php demo using application/x-httpd-php but that is not working.

Resetting the modes to javascript, htmlmixed and css are all working fine, but php is throwing all kinds of errors when trying to edit/insert code.

// basing off of an option
<option data-lang="application/x-httpd-php">PHP</option>

// set the mode on select change (working, but not for php)
$(document).on('change', '.code-mode', function() {
  var inner = $(this).closest('.widget-inner');
  var language = $(this).find(':selected').attr('data-lang');
  var editor = inner[0].editor;
  editor.setOption("mode", language);
  switch (language) {
    case 'application/x-httpd-php':
      inner.find('.new-inner').attr('data-language', 'php');
      inner.find('.CodeMirror').attr('data-language', 'php');

Here is my codepen:

Do you have clike/clike.js among your files?

@Nerbert No, I did not, didn’t know I needed that… Thank you!

See for all available languages

and in particular, Just below the editor
it shows the other required modes