Php mode not working

I have all the needed files included:

The code I have:

	<textarea id="CodeItem4"><?php echo 'hello world';?></textarea>
	var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("CodeItem4"), {
		mode: "application/x-httpd-php",
		theme: "eclipse",
		lineNumbers: true,
		lineWrapping: true,
		styleActiveLine: true,
	  	matchBrackets: true

This is what i get instead of the php code showing.

Are you saying your php code mysteriously changed to the string “hello world” when loaded into the editor? Or are you expecting some kind of different highlighting on that code?

Indeed the php gets executed instead of being showed full code in the textarea.

That’s not something CodeMirror can do, so it’s probably happening server-side.

Thanks for the reply, gonna see if stackoverflow can help me with that.

You maybe have an answer to my other question about codemirror?