Possible bug: input field causes highlighting to miss color closing tags...

I’m using codemirror to add code snippets to a style guide for an application. It works perfectly except in one spot. As you can see in the included screenshot the last two closing tags ( and ) are colored red when they should be green.

I believe this is due to the input field not having a closing tag. I tried adding a “/” to the end with no change. If I completely remove the input field the coloring is fixed.

I’m using codemirror 4.10 because it is already in our code base. I downloaded the latest version for testing purposes and did not see any change. I didn’t want to file a bug report until I have confirmation that I am correct in my assessment.

It looks like you’re using plain XML mode. Set your mode option to text/html to make sure the mode knows about self-closing HTML tags.

Thanks - that worked perfectly.