prevent tooltips from moving when scrolling

Is there a way to prevent tooltips from moving when scrolling (because they disappear).

Basically what I would like is for a tooltip to always be on screen regardless of scroll, while the error lines (multiple lines for one diagnostic) are still visible.

At the moment, if I scroll, the tooltip moves, and then the tooltip disappears after a short distance even if the error is still on screen.

Here’s a screenshot before scroll:

Here I’ve scrolled a little, the tooltip has moved a little:

Here I scrolled just a little more and the tooltip disappeared:

As far as I can tell, there are no options for this, and I would need to make a custom Tooltip generator to make it happen.

No, that’s not something the tooltip feature supports.

That would be nifty. It would be more helpful when hovering on an error, a tooltip always appearing despite if the beginning of the error is offscreen.

What about my Tooltip idea at the end? Maybe I can make a custom solution by specifying custom positions by making custom Tooltip instances?