Problem trying to force linting

I am trying to use the linter package and am stuck on an issue with the forceLinting(). In our use case, we have editor states that can affect the parsing/linting of the editor content. When these state fields change I need the linter to re-run to react, but if I call forceLinting(), it does nothing unless there is an outstanding state change with docChanged set (it is predicated on this.set being true). Is there something I am missing? Is there some other clean way to get the linter to re-run on certain non-document state changes?

Do you think this patch solves your issue? It allows you to specify a predicate to indicate when linting should be updated on editor state changes.

Yes, I think that would work well. As I noted, we already have all of. our context represented in state fields, so it would be easy to check for a change in an update.

I’ve tagged 6.2.0 with this feature.

Unfortunately it’s not clear how this should be configured and called…
A simple example would be helpful.

This is a simplified excerpt form the code we created using this feature:

function linterExtensions() {
  return [
      (view) => {
        const state = view.state;

         // Get our state field value that affects the lint results.
         const names = state.field(nameField);

         // Compute lint values from state.doc and names
         // ...
         return [{from, to, message, severity}];
        // Returns true if we need to update our lint results based on a non-document change
        // in the update. In this code, we are checking for a field that we have created and updated
        // elsewhere called "namesField".
        needsRefresh: (update) => {
          const startNames = update.startState.field(namesField);
          const newNames = update.state.field(namesField);
          return startNames !== newNames;
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Thank you, that’s helpful!