Problems defining block parsers in `@lezer/markdown`

I’m trying to extend markdown syntax in Lezer/CodeMirror for an app I’m working on.

The new syntax is intended for math in display mode, and should behave a lot like fenced code blocks - the difference being the delimiters ($$ instead of ```) and that the delimiters are not required to span their own line (but they must start/end the line they appear on, correspondingly).
In particular, this syntax may contain any amount of line breaks (as long as they’re between the delimiters).

I’ve implemented a minimal example in this playground.

I’m encountering two problems:
First, as you can see in the playground, the parser seems to only parse lines with an empty line above - I’m assuming these are the first lines of each block.
This makes sense, as the parsing is done using blockParsers. However, built-in structures such as actual FencedCode blocks don’t seem to adhere to this limitation, and work without an empty line above (this is also seen in the playground) - I can’t seem to replicate this behvaior in my new syntax.

If it’s of any value, lezer-markdown’s docs suggest using eager leaf block parsers for constructs similar to code blocks (link), which is why I chose them for the implementation.

The second problem is that syntax highlighting inside these blocks using parseMixed() doesn’t seem to work. For reference, I’ve included in the playground an inline-math syntax (with single $ delimiters), for which it does seem to work.

What am I doing wrong?

As always, thanks for your work and your time!

Sounds like you are looking for BlockParser.endLeaf.

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endLeaf seems to have solved it perfectly, thanks a lot!!

For anyone curious, I was also able to solve the syntax highlighting issue by changing the order of the cx.addElement() calls in the parser itself. An updated sandbox can be found here.

Thanks again!