ProseMirror Position Mapping functions in CodeMirror?

Hi! I’m wondering if there is any method or utility in CodeMirror which takes a CodeMirror.Pos and a change, and maps it to an updated position in the document, much like the functionality described here?

This exists internally as adjustForChange, but isn’t currently exported. The function is pretty simple, and looks like this:

function adjustForChange(pos, change) {
  if (cmp(pos, change.from) < 0) { return pos }
  if (cmp(pos, <= 0) { return changeEnd(change) }

  var line = pos.line + change.text.length - ( - change.from.line) - 1, ch =;
  if (pos.line == { ch += changeEnd(change).ch -; }
  return Pos(line, ch)

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m writing a thing which caches text markers by start position so I need to update the positions on change. Had to also copy the cmp and changeEnd functions from the codebase as well.

changeEnd is exported (CodeMirror.changeEnd), and cmp is exported as CodeMirror.cmpPos